lördag 5 mars 2011

What´s in your bag - blog battle

The blog Dos Family started a blog battle; What´s in your bag and I found this very funny battle threw Frida´s blog Trendenser. I felt that it´s something I just had to join. Hey, it´s fun. So, this is what ended up on my floor when I turn the bag up side down; my phone of course, a wallet that have been the best investment ever, passport (don´t know why it´s in the bag), the same goes for the paintbrush. Minitoothpaste, sunglasses (beeing used today for the first time this year), a notebook (you never know when a good idea visits), 0,3 inkpencil (can´t write with something else), my headphone, refrigeratormagnets in shape of polaroidframes and a pacifier (for my son). And I wonder why I think my bag is heavy...

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