torsdag 10 mars 2011

The Coveteur with Vouge Daily

 Kate Young, stylist
 Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Director of Fashion Lincoln Center, IMG Fashion Consultant
 Eddie Borgo, Jewelery Designer
Gucci Westman, Makeup Artist

The Coveteur (a hip new website) has linked up with Vouge to find out what some of the key players at New York Fasion Week think is necessary in order to survive the grueling event. The "portraits" are shot by photographer Jake Rosenberg.

I find it quite funny that it´s fashionable to revieal everything about yourself, including your personal belongings. We live in a world where everything is accessible and were peoples personal lifes no longer belong to themselfs. Even if I find it funny; I´m as courious as anyone else and love to look in to other peoples lifes. And when they are shot as beautiful as The Coveteur does...I´m all in.

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