tisdag 8 mars 2011

I´m a chocolate lover

Just reading about The Mast Brothers Chocolate makes my mouth water. The two brothers Rick and Michael Mast are located in Brooklyn, New York where they share their passion for chocolate. To them "chocolate itself represents more than a candy bar, it represents a new way of hand crafting food".  Cacao beans, also known as the food of Gods, are taken from the most esteemed cacao farms in the world and are crafted in a pure and delicate way without using any additional butter, preservatives or emulsifiers. Even the wraps themselves are hand made with blueprints of buildings on them made by their own restored in-house printing press. The chocolate is treated as a good, which carries its own history and roots waiting to be explored by the person who tastes it. Their plan is to now sail to the Dominican Republic in order to fetch the best cacao beans and their own distinct stories and aromas. I know where I´ll go next time I´m in New York!

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  1. Har via Annagillar fått tips på din blogg.
    Jag gillar !!!!

  2. Tack Ella!! Ha en bra dag :)