torsdag 8 september 2011

Who are you?

I´m just so thrilled with all you visiting my blog, writing sweet things as comments and just to have this new friendship with so many of you. We have most likely never met, but I really think you have become a big part of my life, yet we don´t know lets change that!

If you have any questions for me, please write them in a comment. I would also really like to know what you´re looking for in my blog. Is there something you´re missing?

AND, I would know something about you.
1. Where do you live?
2. How did you find my blog?
3. How old are you, or should I say how young...?
4. What´s your occupation?
5. Whats your passion in life?

22 kommentarer:

  1. Hi. Iḿ Terhi and dont ask my age, it is 28 :D (38) I dont remember how I first get here, it has been a while. Im a nurse, but I have three different occupations. My first one was an artisan. I have studied sewing two years. My passion is interiör decoration blogs and flea markets, Take care.

  2. Hi there!
    No one asks this stuff!!! :)

    1- I live in Toronto, Canada
    2- I found your blog via DTI
    3- 33 and counting!
    4- I am a stay at home mom (my two year old taking is a nap, and I am 31 weeks pregnant with our second son)
    5- organizing...I have to say. I try to fight it, or call it by a different name, but I am passionate about organizing. My home. My life. Our time. Putting everything in its place :)

    so happy to meet you!

  3. Hi. So glad to have found you via Desire to Inspire. I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm a retired teacher and I love to travel! Keep up the good work and thanks! Eileen

  4. Hej: I'm a dutch living i Sweden, i found your blogg in the blogcircuit, born 1970: Stylist&designer passion for nature:photo: to live a happy live with my family: Carpre Diem :)

  5. Stockholm, 28 år, mammaledig lärare, hittade dig via avenymammas blogg, intresserad av min familj, inredning, mode och historia.

    Tack för en härlig blogg!

  6. Iam from Argentina, I made myself a great blogger these days, following you and some french ones, I find you very interesting.
    Iam a fashion designer, but I love art, deco, paint,photography,cooking. Itravel often to paris and london, the city I love the most.
    I will be with you........

  7. My name is Laura, I live in Boston, MA, USA, and I found your blog when someone I follow on pinterest pinned a picture from one of your posts... I have since done the same and absolutely love seeing updates from you.

    I'm 22, I work in marketing at a college textbook publishing firm, and my passion in life is writing, though travel, photography and interior design are also in the race, so your blog is a fun read for me!

  8. Oh hi! I often wonder about the people who read and comment (or don't comment!) on my blog too.

    I like many different types of blog, but I guess what I look for in all of them is a genuine, honest, passionate blogger behind it. And I like beautiful images too!

    My name is Belinda and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I can't recall how I found your blog - it's been a while. I'm (just!) 32 years old. I work in sustainability education, online communications and I also make and sell aromatherapy products and jewellery.

    I am lucky to say that I am passionate about what I do for work - I really love all of it. My other passions are having positive interactions with other people in whatever I am doing, and enjoying whatever stage I am at in my life.

  9. Jag heter Åsa, är 40 år och bor i Göteborg. Arbetar som inredningsarkitekt.
    Minns ej hur jag hittade till din blogg. Jag ögnar igenom så himla många bloggar dagligen. Alldeles för många! Men har fastnat för din.
    Min passion är att teckna och lyssna på musik. För sig eller ihop.

  10. THIS IS ME:
    1. Where do you live? STOCKHOLM
    2. How did you find my blog? AT SOME OTHER BLOG
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? 38
    4. What´s your occupation? JEWELRY DESIGNER / MOM
    5. Whats your passion in life? FAMILY / BEADS

    HAVE GOOD ONE, Ulrika

  11. Om mig:
    1. Stockholm
    2. Genom någon annan blogg, minns inte vilken tyvärr.
    3. 29
    4. Driver kafé.
    5. Design och inredning, har gått konstskolor, driver en näthop med min egen design vid sidan av kafét. Annars umgås med nära och kära + resa.

    Jag tycker så mycket om din blogg och alla inspirerande bilder. Den är inte som någon annan blogg, så fortsätt som du gör! Dock vore det roligt att veta mer om dig också! :-)

    Kram Elina

  12. Hi there, I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time, but can't remember how I found you in the first place. JUst keep your blog the way it is!

    1. I live in Antwerp, Belgium
    2. see above
    3. I'm 39 - two weeks shy of 40
    4. I am an English lecturer, but I also volunteer at a vintage clothing boutique
    5. My passion is beauty in all its forms and guises.

    xx E.

  13. Hej härliga Designbird!
    1. Where do you live? Södertälje
    2. How did you find my blog? via Trendenser
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? 35 år ung... ;)
    4. What´s your occupation? Inredare i nyproduktion.
    5. Whats your passion in life? Mina söta små, inredning, moodboards och bilder av alla de slag, inspiration från naturen och glada människor.
    Jag älskar dina bildsvep på olika stämningar. Alltid inspirerande bilder. Som alltid är jag nyfiken på hemma hos... så det vore kul med fler personliga bilder också! :) Stor kram

  14. 1. Where do you live? The Netherlands
    2. How did you find my blog? on an other blog, I don't know wich one. I am addicted to blogging
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? 26
    4. What´s your occupation? I have a webshop for home accessories and interioradvise and a job as administrative assistant
    5. Whats your passion in life? interiorstyling, looking for beautiful things in every way that can be, DIY and my lovely husband and family.

    Take care en goodluck with your lovely blog. I love it.

  15. 1. Where do you live? Paris
    2. How did you find my blog? Pinterest, Thank you, it's so lovely and interesting!
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? 40
    4. What´s your occupation? Graphic designer
    5. Whats your passion in life? Not in order : Photography, graphic design, clouds, family, good food, good wine, look at people, green, friends, travel...

  16. 1. Copenhagen
    2. Think I found it through Danish Bungalow5
    3. Turning thirty in a couple of weeks
    4. Student for a few more months and then hopefully someone will hire me
    5. Good food, reading mags/books/blogs/subtitles/signs/everything, ecology, fairtrade, 50s design, my man, my little girl, art, Louisiana...

  17. Har följt din blogg i några månader nu och tycker att den är underbar! Har faktiskt tittat igenom alla fina inlägg, underbar blogg! Får så mycket inspiration.
    1. Jag bor i Linköping
    2. Via Bloglovin'
    3. 17 år
    4. Läser andra året på samhällsprogrammet med inriktining ekonomi & företag
    5. Musik, film, att ta det lugnt och tänka och reflektera. Att umgås med vänner samt fotografera. Att finna och ge inspiration. Resa, upptäcka och uppleva, att dansa och läsa. Det finns så mycket som jag älskar i livet att det inte går att få ner på några rader!

  18. Hi
    I am from Canada
    I am in my 20s
    I am currently attending a fine art secondary school
    passion for visual delights of all sorts but namely: art flowers fashion decor
    I found you through pinterest (you should try this site if you have not)

  19. 1. Where do you live? Poland
    2. How did you find my blog? I found it reading 20 questions about Grace Bonney from Design*Sponge, I thought at first, but now - I'm not so sure - anyway, it's great I found you for you find things very much to my taste, and take a time to write about them , thank you :)
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? In a couple of weeks I will turn 39, means 18! :)
    4. What´s your occupation? Social anthropologist - freelancer researcher and analist.
    5. Whats your passion in life? Cooking and good food, books, ecology, and fair trade, DIY, homeing, education, interior design, and all things wool

  20. I like it very much.
    1. Czech Republic.
    2. I don't remember.
    3. I am 34
    4. I am graphic designer and librarian
    5. literature and nature

  21. 1. Where do you live? East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.
    2. How did you find my blog? link on Emma's Design Blog.
    3. How old are you, or should I say how young...? 35
    4. What´s your occupation? Secretary, Freelance Writer, Photographer, Student
    5. Whats your passion in life? Writing, daughters, design, people

    your blog is lovely.


  22. I might copy this on my own blog, if you don't mind.