söndag 25 september 2011

A Sweet Paul sunday

One of the best things about autumn is all the great mushrooms one can pick. I´m brought up with parents how know a lot about mushrooms so we were out a lot when I was younger. Now I´m trying to give the same experience to my son. He is only three years old, but as a proud mom I have to say he´s pretty good at finding his way around the forest already.

Sweet Paul is a food and Prop stylist and crafter who packed his Louis and moved from Oslo to New York to live and love. He has been working with some amazing photographers, great clients and fab magazines. Not only does he have an amazing blog but also his own magazine filled with inspiering photos of food and interior. I get hungry just looking through the images...

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  1. Å fint och gott! Älskar skogen och älskar svamp :-)

    Kram Elina