fredag 29 mars 2013

Superfront - superlove

A few days before my New York trip I had an event in Stockholm and when I was there I went threw Mood gallery on my way and found a little piece of heaven! (It´s not often that I get this excited over a new design.) In a showroom on the top floor a new company, Superfront, is showing their fantastic selection of fronts produced to match IKEAs cabinets. But believe me, this is as far from IKEA as you can get. It´s pure luxury and high end design! The colours are suttle, patterns feel contemporary yet long lasting, the design of knobs adds "that little extra" one wants for the great impression. I just wished I´d come up with this fantastic idea to pimp your ordinary kitchen into greatness.

Behind this new company stands two Swedish guys, Mick Born and Sander Aarts. I had the pleasure to meet them in their showroom and was very impressed by their approch and ideas. The greater part of the production is made in Dalarna, Sweden. I find that a great bonus since I´m all for localy produced products with a heart and soul. So, now I know how to get my kitchen to look fantastic without paying a fortune! I´m in super-love and with Superfront the best of luck!!

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