fredag 29 mars 2013

Superfront - superlove

A few days before my New York trip I had an event in Stockholm and when I was there I went threw Mood gallery on my way and found a little piece of heaven! (It´s not often that I get this excited over a new design.) In a showroom on the top floor a new company, Superfront, is showing their fantastic selection of fronts produced to match IKEAs cabinets. But believe me, this is as far from IKEA as you can get. It´s pure luxury and high end design! The colours are suttle, patterns feel contemporary yet long lasting, the design of knobs adds "that little extra" one wants for the great impression. I just wished I´d come up with this fantastic idea to pimp your ordinary kitchen into greatness.

Behind this new company stands two Swedish guys, Mick Born and Sander Aarts. I had the pleasure to meet them in their showroom and was very impressed by their approch and ideas. The greater part of the production is made in Dalarna, Sweden. I find that a great bonus since I´m all for localy produced products with a heart and soul. So, now I know how to get my kitchen to look fantastic without paying a fortune! I´m in super-love and with Superfront the best of luck!!

11 kommentarer:

  1. Love the white cabinet with the geometric pattern!

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  3. Hej Camilla :)

    Jag har följt din blogg ett bra tag nu och har verkligen blivit helt förälskad i sättet du får detaljer i allt att sticka ut och alltid framhäver det vackra i alla sorters saker. Mitt företag har precis lanserat vår senaste eleganta designprodukt i svarta, vita och guld-detaljer.

    Eftersom du bloggar om vackra saker, och har en cool stil som passar vårt varumärke, får du gärna välja ut en färg och modell du gillar.

    Maila mig på om det hade varit intressant så kan jag berätta mer och skicka bild på våra produkter!

    Ha en bra dag! :D


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