fredag 11 mars 2011

Stella McCartney´s hideaway

Stella McCartney is not only a brilliant designer, she is also a very lucky girl... Her husband gave her this lovely garden as an anniversary gift. “We planted a million trees here,” she said. “We’ve made another Eden.” The couple, who were married in 2003, were helped in this mission by their wedding guests, who were bidden to give trees in lieu of more conventional presents. From these they created a heart-shaped copse. Gwyneth Paltrow gave copper beeches. American relatives gave redwoods. Valentino and Tom Ford each grandly sent allées of linden trees from Germany. This arboretum has since been much embellished, guided by head gardener Anthony Tyler (who had previously worked on the estates of Lords Weinstock and Lichfield).
Let´s just say, I´m jealous.
Via: vogue

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