onsdag 19 oktober 2011

New Delhi

It´s not even a week since I got home from India and already it feels like forever. Especially when I look at the photos I took. It was one of the most interesting journeys I´ve made in a very long time. The friendly and lovely people, the city and the colours are so different from anything at home. Here are some photos taken from the car. Unfortunally we weren´t able to walk around a lot, we were busy going to different meeting all day long so most of the city we saw from the backseat.
As a huge contrast to what we saw on the streets, we´re invited to a wedding. A very fancy and large one! Dressed in saris we arrived to a place built up just for the occation. The whole place was designed in the "Avatar" theme. Let´s just say, it was surreal... A party of 1500 people, everyone dressed up to their teeth with dimonds larger than anything I have ever seen. It was a fantastic experience and we danced all night long.
Pictures by Camilla

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  1. wow, wow, wow. Och nu New York!?! Nä jag är inte avundsjuk det minsta :) Ha det så bra!!