onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Back in town

So, I´m back after yet another fantastic trip, New York was as lovely as always. Very good work wise, I got a lot of inspiration for next years fall collections. We also managed to find some great restaurants.
One place I can recommened for coffee is Ground Support on West Broadway. They have the best coffee I´ve ever tasted, anywere!
The first night we had dinner at La Esquina, just around the corner from our hotel. Mexican food, the way it should taste...so nice. It was acctually so good that we had to come back once more. Try the fish tacos, fantastic!!
One night we went to Freemans, at the end of Freeman Alley. We were there in April this year and just had to return. It´s a restuarant with great food, but the crowd and ambiance is worth a visit.
The last day we went to Barneys for a visit to their exclusive designer department. Their we ran in to the Olsen sisters, looking exactly as one would have thought. Super cute, super smal, in black with sunglasses on and a large Starbucks coffee in their hand. We followed them around for a bit just to see what they were looking at, and let me just say that I´m sure knitted headbands will be seen soon on one of them...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Åh vad roligt att läsa. Mera NYskvaller och tips tack! Kan man någonsin få nog? Vi var också på l'esquina två gånger sist jag var där. Gudomlig mat men oj, så starka margaritas!!

  2. Åh, vilken fin resa! Jag vill också åka dit!! :-) Kul med lite kändisspaning också. Kram!