söndag 19 juni 2011

Mid-century classics in São Paulo

This is the home of Mauricio Arruda, architect and designer, living in São Paulo. To achieve a dialogue between old and new, Mauricio redesigned the spaces, utilizing materials and finishings that were iconic to the 1950's palette and modern expression with a unique mix of furniture. The 150 meters squared apartment went through major architectural renovation as Mauricio knocked down all the walls except the central pillar that structurally holds the space together. This decision immediately speaks to Brasil's current free spirited nature and invites ample sunlight into the entire apartment, a staple of today's Brasil interior experiences. 

"I redid this place to work as my laboratory of ideas that surround my mind. It is a reflection of my mood, my memories, my view on things, and what grabs my attention in the world.'' Mauricio Arruda

Many of the items in the appartment are designed by Mauricio himself. I find the dining room table "House of Cards" together with Jasper Morrison´s "Air" green folding chairs a perfect mix and match.
Via: yatser, photo by Fran Parente

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  1. Åh du så helt sanslöst befriande distansierat fast ändå med ett tänk om du är med på hur jag menar... ;)

  2. The poker card base table and diamond shaped mirror are fun!


  3. Underbara gröna stolar! :-)