lördag 4 juni 2011

Edelkoort´s home in Paris

I have to admite that after leaving the trend lecture by Li Edelkoort I´m quite curious how she lives. She is always showing lots of beautiful pictures of interior and fabulous spaces. So, I was surprised to see her home in Paris when I read The Style Files blog and it reflects many of the things she is talking about. A beautiful home decorated with only a few elements in mind; the colour white, natural materials such as wood, ethnic furniture and accessories, all put toghether with care. The only concessions to the decor are artifacts collected from all over the world. "Simplicity has been the key" says Eldelkoort.

If you are interested in what Li shared during the lecture, check out Lotta Agatons blog, she´s written a great summary. As Li said herself, the information she is sharing is longlasting, most of the matters will be current for the next two decades. And she is usually right...
Images from Marie Claire Italy

2 kommentarer:

  1. What a fabulous interior. J'aime... a lot!

  2. I really love this interior! I even like the polka dotted tea kettle.