torsdag 14 april 2011

The work of a designer

I´m working as a fashiondesigner. It was something I knew that I wanted to do since I was seven years old and made my first garment (without a pattern, so it hardly qualifys as a piece of clothing...) Never the less, I spent years of drawing and sewing. Went to a lot of schools so that I finally could enter the world of fashion. At university we spent hours drawing our collection, making great fashion illustration. Then we spent even more hours by the sewingmachine.

Now I´ve worked more than a decade and unfortunally I have to say that my work has little to do with fashion illustrations and sewing. I think that´s why I´ve started to paint lately, because I seldom get to use "the hand" at work. Don´t misinterpret what I just wrote, I LOVE my work. It´s just quite far from where I started...

So it was with great pleasure I found these lovely shots at From me to you, showing how the designer of the Brooklyn based clothing line Edelweiss by Sarah work. It inspires me a lot to peek in to her world.

But as I said before, I love my work, even if I spend more time by the computer than at the drawing board. And tomorrow I get to go to New York, to get inspired for next coming collection, one of the many perks having this trade. So, I don´t know how much you´ll be hearing from me in a couple of days. Maybe I´ll be able to update you on my "Big Apple experience"...otherwise see you soon again.

3 kommentarer:

  1. What a gorgeous post and one oh so close to my heart! I too have kept all my college sketch books stuffed with drawings and swatches and bulging at the seams! There is something delicious about paper and pencils that no amount of fancy computer software can replace. I do hope you have a fabulous time in NY and do tell ALL on your return!!!! Don't forget your sketch book!!! Hugs - Glenda xxx

  2. Inspirerande bilder, underbart.

    Trevlig resa!!!
    Kram Elina