söndag 10 april 2011

Perfect day

This is always my favorite day of the year. The first day without wearing a jacket. After all those months in the cold´, it´s absolutly fantastic to be able to sit outside without a heavy parka on. So, I´ve spent this lovely day in our garden, trying to sort out what is dead and what might live...it´s not easy.

We moved to this house in Onsala a year and a half ago and neigher of us knew anything about gardening. Last spring we just let everything grow to get to know the place, but now we are ready for some drastic changes. We have the typical 70´s garden, not very sexy... We want a contemporary, yet cosy, modern and asian inspired garden. But how? The problem is our non excicting green fingers and knowledge... So, only time will tell if well have any success. Here are some of the shots we have on our moodboard:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Beautifull gardens and plantboxes.

  2. Yes, obviously your taste is opposite from 1970s style garden. I personally prefer wild and natural gardens - where it seems that no human hand ever intervened. Love these zen outdoor spaces, but they require so much time, and work... Good luck to you and mostly, happy gardening!

  3. I would like to clarify that our garden is far from the 70´s romantic, wild and free. That I would love!!

    It´s filled with hostile bushes with huge thorns, some dead rosebushes and lots of anorectic rhododendron... ;)

  4. Really the design is superb.... I also love the zen gardens more than the natural and the wild ones. I love to see this garden in the night with some specially hanged lanterns or some solar lights, and in addition some dim lights between the bushes. What do you guys think about the idea? I really wants to appreciate you for your exclusive work... Well done and all the best.

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