onsdag 13 april 2011

Spring, where are you?

This weekend everything was great. It was warm, sunny and just lovely. I was happy that spring finally decided to arrive. But what happens then...? Rain, cold, wind. Not nice at all. So, spring, please come back! I want to be able to take a bikeride in the sun, have an icecream and walk in the garden without shoes. Now.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Here, here!!!! So cold tonight in England I going to light a fire and the weekend was like summer!!!???? Can we have it back please!

  2. I know, I took out all our garden furniture and cleaned them on sunday, and the next day it was pouring down and super cold...not nice at all. But I have good weather waiting for me in New York! ;) Glenda, have a great evening by the fire!

  3. It s on its way, just wait and see. Happy trip to New York, have fun!