fredag 6 maj 2011

Working at home?

Apart from the kitchen, the home office seams to be the place were one spend a lot of time in. I love how these photos show a modern workspace to be proud of. We have made the most central space in the house in to a studio; for writing, painting and playing. I like the feeling of beeing connected to the rest of the family even if I spend time by the computer or doing something else in the office. What do you think, is it time for the home office to leave "the smallest room in the back" and become a focus point?
Via: livet hemma, desire to inspire, designsponge, not on the highstreet & this pretty space

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag tycker absolut att arbetsplatsen ska vara snygg och ge inspiration, gärna vara i centrum i hemmet. Inte ett litet tråkigt undangömt rum!

    Ha en fin helg!
    Kram Elina

  2. Nice post. Good picture finds you have.