onsdag 11 maj 2011

The Coveteur

I know I´ve written about this before but some things deserve to be repeated, so;
The Coveteur has a unique way of showing peoples closets...no minimalism what so ever. It´s usually photos of peoples personal belongings. Shoes, bags and dresses are frequently beeing a part of the installation. And of course the owners of these items are not just anyone. Well-known people in the fashion or art world are the objects of inspection.

This time the table have been turned. Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark are the Toronto-based closet peepers behind the blog thecoveteur.com. Since they went live, Kleinberg and Mark have granted fashion obsessives entree into the closets of others and now we take an exclusive look behind their closet doors.
I love how they have mixed in vibirant art in all the shots. It makes it so much more interesting...
 Via: NY Times

Theses are shots from The Covetur looking in to Jeannie Lee´s closet (owner of Satine in Los Angeles). Fantastic picture with the luxury accessories on the fire hose and the ring on the collection of dolls.
Via: The Coveteur

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