måndag 2 juli 2012


I have a thing for copper, or 'rose gold' as the fashion world like to call it. "Dear things have many names" as we say in Sweden. Nevermind, I just like it a lot. Especially when you mix it with cream leather as on the bike or with raw wood as on candelholder. They can move in any time... Just saying.

16 kommentarer:

  1. What a lovely bike!! Real special.

  2. chulo post....me quedo con la bici......

  3. Det er vakkert,har samlet meg noen fine pics i kobber eller rose gold:)
    ha en fin dag

  4. Å, så snyggt! Gillar verkligen de där små askarna, för att inte tala om cykeln. :-) Ha en fin Tisdag. Kram Elina

    1. Eller hur, visst önskar man att alla cyklar var så snygga! Kram

  5. Nice post! The more i see copper pictures, the more i'm gonna love it!
    Love your blog by the way :)

    I will follow you


  6. I really did not think that copper looked that good. I wonder what I have at home is it copper at all. They look lovely.

  7. Oh Wow! what great idea! copper push bike looks great, i have some push fit copper fittings left over going to see if i can make up some candle holders then polish them up see what they look like.

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  9. I just like it a lot. Especially when you mix it with cream leather as on the bike or with raw wood as on candelholder. They can move in any time
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  10. The bike is absolutely fantastic, such a great idea.

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