måndag 28 februari 2011

Cognac, caramel, honey...

I like, love and crave anything in cognac or camel right now. Brown vintage leather mixed with grey concrete and beige cashmir cardigans with dark grey chiffon. And a cognac after dinner....just for the colour.

Roman & Williams...again

I have written about this dynamic design duo before. Twice acctually... and I was delighted to see some new shots of their work made by talented photographer Ditte Isager. Roman and Williams are based in New York and have for example done some amazing work with The Ace Hotel and The Standard in NY. They have a very specific and personal style that makes my heart tick just a little bit faster.

söndag 27 februari 2011

Creative duo in Brooklyn

Eva Dayton has spent most of her career focusing on fashion; she spent several years at Armani before opening her own boutique, Butter, on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. She renamed the shop Eva Gentry when she began working with her husband and collaborator, Gentry Dayton; together they have also begun to work designing interiors. With Eva's predilection for well-edited black and white minimalism (the store is stocked with pieces by Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, and Martin Margiela, among others) mixed with Gentry's Harley Davidson motorcycle chic aesthetic, it adds up to what Eva calls "tough minimalism." The duo has completed several interior design jobs, including the Helmut Lang showroom in New York, as well as their own Brooklyn apartment, which was has been featured in UK Elle Decoration and RUM. To see more of their work, visit Eva Gentry.
By Francesca at Remodelista

Beautiful use of space

It´s always great to see unconventional ways of using space. For me, it proves that anything is possible and I love the contrasts that these buildings contributes with. They bring a new flavor to the neighbourhood. These four homes come from completely different places in the world; no.1 is in Singapore, no.2 is in London and no.3 is in Landskrona, Sweden, no.4 in Barcelona.

lördag 26 februari 2011

A wooden square

I found some great photos at Fantastic Frank and just have to show them. Added some more in the subject... Wood is really a fantastic material and it just gets more beautiful with age.
Via: fantastic frank, convoy & pinterest

Pretty flowers

London based fashion photographer Nick Knight. It´s interesting how a photo of a pretty flower somehow can reflect sadness at the same time as beauty.

torsdag 24 februari 2011

Birds with an attitude

I think these are brilliant! Brendan Wenzel is a New York based illustrator with great affection for "all things furrier than himself"... Lovely colouring and lots of personality in the birds.

Brown dress with white dots

Yesterday I had a look at Mia´s lovely blog Solid frog and found some beautiful photos in her post. I had a look at the blog she refered to and got blown away.  Brown dress with white dots (just the name makes me smile) have the most delightful selection of photos with such a warm feel to them. Here I have taken the liberty to make my own collages with some of the pictures I found.

Paper plate delight

Paperplates are never a pretty sight...  But when I was in Tokyo last year, I found these well-designed and absolutely beautiful paper plates and bowls from Wasara. I fell in love and just want to serve everything on these disposable table sets. So emagine my happiness when I also found them in at HAY in Denmark...