måndag 28 maj 2012

Pretty nice

Entering my fifth month of Weight Watchers, I look everywere for inspiration to eat well...and tasty. And now when it summer, what can be better than some ice and fruit. Mix them togther and my need for something sweets is solved! Watermelon, grape, lime, figs, even cucumber works. It´s not only great to eat in the sun, it´s also pretty nice to look at, right?

söndag 27 maj 2012


Days like these are hard to spend anywere else but in the garden (apart from one or two walks to the beach for a cool dip...). We removed almost everything in our garden last year to make space for a new and more contemporaty feel to our outdoor space. Our mission is to make a seamsless boarder between outdoor and inside. To create "rooms" in the garden for relaxation and entertainment. I am very fond of all kind of japanese grass and bamboo so the trip to our nearest plantery often results in a car filled with grass in all shapes and colours. I just hope they will like our cold winters...

söndag 6 maj 2012

Print mania

I´m so into prints right now. I want to wear them, have them on my wall or anywear else for that matter. And for your information, I have always been a 'solid colour girl', but now it´s more; "the bolder the better"...

torsdag 3 maj 2012

onsdag 2 maj 2012

Kitchen dreams

My latest obcession is a kitchen makeover. We moved in to this house for two years ago and every room needs a desperate renovation...except for the kitchen that was brand new. The only problem is that we really don´t like what they did and we would love to make it "ours". Since the rest of the house is in bad shape, spending time and money on a new kitchen would be crazy right now. But, one can always dream, right? I think my Weight Watcher meals would taste a lot better if the surroundings would look anything like this...