fredag 30 december 2011

Slow motion

I´m having a very calm day. Too calm. Tomorrow we´re having guests so there is a lot to do but for some reason I just want to drink coffee and sit in the sofa all day.

torsdag 29 december 2011

Fold it

Interior, fashion and art: all using the same language for expressions.
Via: dezeen, design o form, unknown, designboom, douglas + becvictoria haven, rk & rising objects

onsdag 28 december 2011

Tant Johanna

For you who know Tant Johanna this comes as no news but for the rest I would like to recommend a very sweet Swedish blog girl who just moved from Elle Interiörs site to her own "place". I have followed Johanna for some time now and really enjoyed her posts, especially about their home renovation. This months Recidense have made an article about their home and all I can say is congratulations to a successful job.

tisdag 27 december 2011


I hope you have had a nice Christmas weekend. Mine was very quiet and relaxing, and Santa was quite nice this year... As soon as the holidays are over I´m all about simplicity. No colours and clean lines.

fredag 23 december 2011

Merry Christmas

Just a few hours until Christmas Eve. I have a little son who can´t sit still until Santa comes to visit. Just one small detail is missing for that perfect weekend...some snow. Looking out at a grey wall does not make me sing Christmas carols and feel jolly. Oh well, you can´t have it all...

I wish you all a merry Christmas! I also want to take the opportunity to say thank you all for reading my blog. It´s such a pleasure to read your comments and hear what you think of the posts.

onsdag 21 december 2011

Another Christmas

This year I´m into to simple white Christmas but it´s always inspiering to see something a bit different from the expected. As these photos with a darker tone mixed with bold pink. I must make some of the presents in antasit wrapping and my roll of neon string!

måndag 19 december 2011

Dottir & Sonur

 I´m always searching for new items and was very happy to find these lovely graphic posters and wallpaper with colourful origami patterns from Dottir & Sonur, run by Ingvi and Tinna, currently based in Berlin. I think I know a little guy who find a new poster for his room in one of Santas gifts this year...

torsdag 15 december 2011

A white Christmas?

 All I want right now is a white Christmas, but it seams to be hopeless. In the meantime I feast on all white decorations. Not a hint of colour to be seen.

tisdag 13 december 2011

Soon to be open

The well known Swedish interior stylist Lotta Agaton is opening her store in Stockholm in just a couple of days. She will open the shop next to her new studio and -"Will sell all the things that I like". I´m sure it will be a great place to visit next time I´m in Stockholm.
Via: Lotta Agaton  Photo: Pia Ulin Graphic: Therese Sennerholt

måndag 12 december 2011

An illustrated monday

Today I´m sharing some illustrations that just explains my day. It´s raining. Everything outside is brown and dark. However the birds seems happy. Have to wear a sweater not to freeze. Just another monday...