måndag 31 oktober 2011

Reality check

It´s a bit relieving to see photos like these. Weekday Carnival is usually famous for showing well orgainized and very stylish photos of her home, but I have to say that I love this post showing quite the opposite. We´re living in an era of showing off our perfect homes in our perfect lifes. Looking at peoples Facebook status makes, at least me, feel like a lazy bum. Everyone is running before breakfast, eating fantastic dinners, going to exotic places and loving their jobs...every day. And going threw interior blogs (like I do every day) doesn´t make my home look any less messy when I return from the computer. So, thank you Weekday Carnival for making my home look normal. Got to go, have some cleaning to do... ;)

söndag 30 oktober 2011

Floor love

This appartment owned by Wolfgang Benkhen in Hamburg is really nice but at first glance I thought it was a bit too clean for my taste. But then I had another look and saw the floors! They are just wonderful. Why put something on your walls when the floor is the key element of the home...? I also like the contrast in the minimal styling together with all the books and paintings on the...floor. I´ve wondered about what material we should use for the kitchen floor but after seeing his kitchen, the problem is solved.
I found these photos at Stil inspiration, a Swedish blog I really recommend, but the photos are taken by Marc Seelen for Elle Decor Italia.

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Alex & Fred

Alex & Fred is a new Swedish concept, specialised on bedding for children, made from shirt fabrics. They are designed by Bobo Andersson, a former fashion designer and will be sold on their website Alex & Fred, opening just now. I love the sharp gingham checks and stripes, reminding me of my husbands favorite shirts and I like the fact that this Swedish company is focusing on the children without making it look too childish.

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Todays love

Todays love is all about the black and white inspired from New York mixed with the natur of Scandinavia. Sharp edges and clean cuts together with fresh linnen and organic materials.

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Back in town

So, I´m back after yet another fantastic trip, New York was as lovely as always. Very good work wise, I got a lot of inspiration for next years fall collections. We also managed to find some great restaurants.
One place I can recommened for coffee is Ground Support on West Broadway. They have the best coffee I´ve ever tasted, anywere!
The first night we had dinner at La Esquina, just around the corner from our hotel. Mexican food, the way it should taste...so nice. It was acctually so good that we had to come back once more. Try the fish tacos, fantastic!!
One night we went to Freemans, at the end of Freeman Alley. We were there in April this year and just had to return. It´s a restuarant with great food, but the crowd and ambiance is worth a visit.
The last day we went to Barneys for a visit to their exclusive designer department. Their we ran in to the Olsen sisters, looking exactly as one would have thought. Super cute, super smal, in black with sunglasses on and a large Starbucks coffee in their hand. We followed them around for a bit just to see what they were looking at, and let me just say that I´m sure knitted headbands will be seen soon on one of them...

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

New York, here I come.

So I just packed my bags (again) and today I´m heading over to New York. It will be great!! I will let you know when I´m back... Take care and I´ll be writing soon again.

New Delhi

It´s not even a week since I got home from India and already it feels like forever. Especially when I look at the photos I took. It was one of the most interesting journeys I´ve made in a very long time. The friendly and lovely people, the city and the colours are so different from anything at home. Here are some photos taken from the car. Unfortunally we weren´t able to walk around a lot, we were busy going to different meeting all day long so most of the city we saw from the backseat.
As a huge contrast to what we saw on the streets, we´re invited to a wedding. A very fancy and large one! Dressed in saris we arrived to a place built up just for the occation. The whole place was designed in the "Avatar" theme. Let´s just say, it was surreal... A party of 1500 people, everyone dressed up to their teeth with dimonds larger than anything I have ever seen. It was a fantastic experience and we danced all night long.
Pictures by Camilla

söndag 16 oktober 2011


Today is my birthday! Even if I last year survived the big 40 I still enjoy celebrating this day. Especially when my family wakes me up with breakfast in bed. I think this will be a good day.

lördag 15 oktober 2011

Back in the game

Ah, finally feeling good again! My body and the Indian food didn´t like eachother at the end so I´ve been feeling terrible the last couple of days but now I´m back to normal. Don´t misunderstand me; the Indian food is absolutly FANTASTIC, we just pick the wrong place the last night...

Today I´m all about the greys mixed with strong electric blue, bold yellow or hot pink. I think using colourful tape is a good way to accentuate the mood of the moment.