söndag 29 januari 2012


I just went threw some old files and found these great photos. Made me think of spring. Please let it be spring soon!

lördag 28 januari 2012

Going crazy

I´ve come to a point in my life when I need to do drastic changes in my behaviors so this week I´ve made some adjustments to my everyday living. For the first time in seven years I´ve joined a gym and lets just say I will regret that tomorrow. To get some results I´ve also joined the WeightWatchers... and now I´m going crazy. All I can hink of some chocolate with sea salt or a nice glas of wine! So to I keep myself busy I´m painting. Anything to not think about food. It´s not really working.

tisdag 24 januari 2012

Thank you

It seams to be some kind of award season right now. For a little while ago I was honored with two lovely awards. A "Libsten award" from Victoria at A faded palette and then another one from sweet Elina. Thank you two!! The one from Elina included some questions to be answered and I´m not the one who say no to that... So here we go;

1. Favourite song?
 1,2,3,4 by Feist

2. Favourite dish?
 A good quality buffalo mozarella with some olive oil and a basil leaf beats amost anything.

3. What makes you irritated?
 I´m a she-devil when I get behind the weel. When someone is cutting in front of me or drive badly in general, I go nuts. Just to let you know, this is not something I´m proud of.

4. When I'm upset.
I cry.

5. Favourite pet?
 I´m not really a pet person (to my husbands sorrow. He´s a dog person).

6. Black or white?
 Black. I´m a fashion designer, what else do I need to say... I´m born loving black.

7. My biggest fear?
 That something would happen to my family. If I read something bad about a child in the newspaper on my way to work I have to stop myself from not going back home just to hug my son.

8. My everyday attitude.
 Work hard. Have fun. Trying to get everyone around me to smile.

9. What is perfection for me?
 Time with my family, in the sun.

10. My bad habits?
 How many should I tell you? I really hate opening the mail, especially bills. My motto is "if I haven´t read the letter, it doesn´t excist".

11. Seven things about me.

1.I´m married with Gustaf since 2010 and have a 3 year old son.
2. We live in a house with desperate renovation needs.
3. I´m painting pictures, hoping to have an exibition soon.
4. I´ve been working as a fashion designer for the last 13 years. Love my job.
5. I cry to every movie I see. Even "happy tears" if I watch the Oscars and someone gives a great speach.
6. Love meeting new people.
7. Love, love, love good food and wine.

I will pass on this award to five other nice blogs with less than 200 followers.

söndag 22 januari 2012

Quick fix

We were just off to a dinner party last night when I just realized I had nothing to wrap the gifts in. After a quick search I found some old wallpaper and Washi tape. I also used some old felt balls that I´ve used to make toys. A quick fix that turned out quite all right if you ask me...
Photos by Camilla

fredag 20 januari 2012


I can´t wait until tomorrow when I will sleep until late and then just have coffee all day. I wish you all a great friday evening!

torsdag 19 januari 2012

Metallic meets nudes

I´m sorry for being so absent with posts this week but my work is keeping me busy at the moment. As you might know I´m working as a fashiondesigher so right now lots of nice garments are being created for you to wear soon...
This winter and Christmas was all about metallics in the fashion world. One would guess that I´m tired of them right now, but that is not the case. I see new metallic shades with less shine mixed with nude tones as a fresh start for this year. It´s also a nice contrast to the colour explosion that will hit us as soon as spring is here to stay.

söndag 15 januari 2012

Pale pastels

Ferm Living is once again showing a collection that comply with the current trends. Pale pastels mixed with natural wood is on everyones mind, very fresh for the spring. My favorite are the wooden boxes. Think I have to get one or two...

fredag 13 januari 2012

Sweet kids

Before we got our son, I thought that I would be the DIY mom. Making my own textile toys with lot of personality and joy... Yeah right, like that even happened! I really tried the first year or two but then I sort of gave up. Now he´s three and to my "disappointment" and all he ever talks about is Star Wars Lego, ghosts and dragons. So, this post is more for me then it would be for him. I still love all these handmade soft toys. Maybe I should make one for myself...

måndag 9 januari 2012

Mood of the day

Yet another monday have passed. First day of the week. So much to look forward to nevertheless is my mind stuck with moments of this weekend. I wish for a peaceful week with little stress and lots of love.

söndag 8 januari 2012

Johnny Miller

I just had a quick look over at photographer Johnny Miller´s site and found some beautiful photos. Love the light! I need to see some of that light soon or I will go crazy...

fredag 6 januari 2012


I´ve been playing with Lego this Christmas...a lot! I think that inspired me to make this post, all those bright and happy colours mixed together.

onsdag 4 januari 2012

A white room

This post I found at Today you inspired me and lets just say it made me smile! This December, in a surprisingly simple yet ridiculously amazing installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar, artist Yayoi Kusama constructed a large domestic environment, painting every wall, chair, table, piano, and household decoration a brilliant white, effectively serving as a giant white canvas. Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color. How great is this? Given the opportunity my son could probably cover the entire piano alone in about fifteen minutes. The installation, entitled The Obliteration Room, is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition that runs through March 12.