onsdag 2 november 2011

Christmas wishes

It´s still a few more week before I will even start to think about Christmas, but today I was visiting the webshop of Artilleriet and just realized that everything I wish for is in their store. Honey, here is my wishlist for Christmas...you just have to make one stop, easy right?

1. Eno clothes rack. Love the leather.
2. P.A.P Ipad cover for the birthday present you just bought me.
3. Sol & Luna Girón chair. We´ve talked about these chairs forever.
4. HAY About a chair. They would be perfect in our office.
5. HAY Don´t leave me XL table.
6. Jet Set kit. Perfect for when I travel.
7. Konstantin Slawinski mat in porcelain for pots
8. Lilla Bruket bathoil.

Ok, seriously I´m happy just being with my family but a girl can always dream...

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