måndag 14 november 2011

Gender bender

I´ve been thinking a lot about femine versus masculine the last couple of days. Can you tell if a woman or a man have designed an item? Is there a different kind of mindset when it comes to design? Is there a difference between male and female bloggers? If there is a difference, are we slowly changing our minds and  will "meet in the middle"? In fashion, dressing with a "Gender bender" twist is THE thing right now. We borrow from the male wardrobe and use masculine attributes like they are our own. And according to the magazines, "metrosexual" men is no longer a trend it´s a natural way of living. What do you think? Are men and women different when designing?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Just out of curiosity, what is the brand of this watch? with pale pink inside and yellowish beige straps? Thanks.

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