torsdag 28 juni 2012

Blogger´s Inn

Ah, I´m finally back after a few days of major internet disconnection. During my absence online, I´ve been to a really nice press-breakfast for the new Bloggers Inn room at Scandic Rubinen in Gothenburg. It´s a room especially designed for bloggers. Filled with all the technology one can require but also with great comfort and design. Frida Ramstedt at Trendenser have been in charge of the consept and execution. As the great talent as she is the result was great. Lots of personal touches that makes a nice hotelroom become fantastic.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks so nice. Pancakes, is that it?

  2. wow, that food looks so good! i mean, i know the effort it takes to make pancakes, and wow, quesadillas, pastries, sandwiches! hope you got some of that :)

  3. Ser härligt ut! Fina bilder. Ha en skön Fredag!!! Kram Elina