fredag 28 januari 2011

Wood you?

Wooden toys and decoration items have been seen for decades. It never goes out of style and a home with a Kay Bojsen or Sanna Annukka object always feels playful and welcoming. Since we got our son, I have noticed a differens in my attitude towards interior design. Suddenly I get back home from trips with wooden birds and a leather hippopotamus. From my latest trip to Tokyo, I arrived home with a wooden owl and a steel giraff... My husband just laugh at me, but my son think it´s great. I think the fascination of wooden objects will never go out of style and I can´t wait until my next purchase. Maybe it will be a monkey from Bojsen...

1 kommentar:

  1. Åhh jag älskar små träfigurer, har några stycken här hemma, jag vill bara ha mer o mer... Titta in Hoptimister på Svensson i Lammhult i trä, de är med superfina och väcker ett ha-begär!!
    // Lina