fredag 12 augusti 2011

Missoni collaboration

I just stumbled across some sneak peek photots of Missoni´s upcoming collaboration with Target. The collection is including both homewear and clothes. These are my personal favorites, a coxy blanket, some cute babygear and the laptop cover. Apart from these four items, nothing else in the collection made me excited. It looked like Missoni copies and had nothing interesting to say. What do you think of collaborations? Are they a great way to let "ordinary people" buy luxury items or is it distroying the brand by exploiting their name?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Å vilken snygg filt! Gillar! :-)

    ha en finfin Fredag!
    Kram Elina

  2. Vilken UNDERBAR pläd! Vill ha, vill ha, vill ha!
    Tröttnar aldrig på zick-zack mönstren och de fina färgerna. Perfekta accenter i ett för övrigt grått/vitt/svart hem... Kram o trevlig helg!