tisdag 22 februari 2011

Items of desire

I´ve been a fan of Charles & Ray Eames for many years now. Even if I see their work in almost any interior magazine or stylish home, I don´t get tired. Some of the products are constantly on my wish list, such as the Eames House bird and the RAR chair.

Charles and Ray Eames enhanced the collage in Eames House to include countless objects they brought back with them from their travels. For over 50 years the figure of a black wooden bird stood on the floor at the heart of their living room - evidently a piece of American folk art they especially appreciated and which they frequently used as an accessory in their photos.

The iconic Plastic Armchair Rocker (RAR) was presented in 1948 as part of the famed New York Museum of Modern Art competition "Low Cost Furniture Design". The chair was first produced in glass fiber but is now made by polypropylene.

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  1. I love them too, can´t get enough of it !! one of my favorite is the soft padded chair.